Can’t Cut Budget? Cut Costs by Conserving Energy.

I mentioned this at Candidate’s Night.

I proposed a way to save money and not cut from the budget. This is done by changing the light bulbs throughout our schools with energy star certified CFL light bulbs (the curly ones), also any further applainces and computers purchased should be Energy Star complaint which are generally cheaper or around the same cost.

Here are some facts about CFLs from Energy Star:

“Changing the world starts with simple actions. When you replace light bulbs or entire light fixtures in your home with ones that have earned the ENERGY STAR, you help preserve energy resources and contribute to a cleaner environment while saving money and time buying and changing lights in your home.

ENERGY STAR qualified lighting provides bright, warm light while it requires 2/3 less energy than standard lighting, generates 70% less heat, and lasts up to 10 times longer.” (Average savings are around $30 per lifetime of each bulb)
Here is the link for this information.

The proposed budget is asking for $1,984,143 for Electricity. Doing this transition will make a considerable impact on the price for Electricity, allow more money to be allocated for New Student Programs which are nonexistent on the budget. Our schools can be “green friendly” schools, we can teach our students on energy conservation by setting the example.

What are your thoughts, please comment, I’d love your opinion on this and any other subject affecting our schools today.


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