An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Senator Clinton,

Why? Why have you ran such a unorganized and reckless campaign of attacks against Senator Obama? Your campaign’s “kitchen sink” strategy is causing it to self-destruct along with the Democratic party and is undermining a new generation of voters.

As it stands today, you have a 10.4% chance to win legitimately with the remaining races (thats without the help of the party’s super-delegates). First off, let me say I’m not writing to argue that you should drop out of this race immediately. Baseball games shouldn’t end until the 9th inning, right? I’m writing to you to stop these attacks against Senator Obama, the more likely nominee at the moment, who will face a Republican machine that will cite your attacks when/if running against Senator Obama.

I’ve been reading recent articles online about your campaign affiliates putting forward essays on how the GOP will use certain information against Senator Obama if he were the nominee (as though it were as bad as what the Republicans would do with your past as ammunition if running against you in the general election). As a result, your strategy isn’t going to work out for the benefit your campaign (as we’ve seen Obama’s poll numbers increase despite the “controversies”), nor the Democratic party, nor the benefit of the country and McCain is looking more and more likely of a possibility ever minute you are still in this race.

I understand you have high aspirations for this country, if what you say is true. But, since you are staying in this race, attacking Senator Obama with pointless, unimportant, and issue-less charges like having a Pastor who is taken out of context and quotes a Fox News broadcast rejecting America’s foreign policies which have led up to the attack on our country, and playing along with this misconception in the media as a way of bringing down your opponent is shameful.

Then there is Sen. Obama’s “bitter” statement controversy which you, Sen. McCain, and the media have construed as “elitist” when you know that he was referring to GOP tactics to create ballot questions like flag burning, guns, same-sex marriage, stem-cell research, and immigration to pull out certain voters that support their candidates instead of voting for their economic interests. Which is a truism, that rather than show humility and realize this as an untimely poor choice of wording and nothing more, but parrot the Republicans and go along with the spin is also shameful.

If you really care about America then you realize that at this moment we cannot afford a President who has the same economic and war policies as the Bush Administration and that this country needs a democrat, and the people have spoken, and with your 10.4% chance from this moment, you alone are playing America in a bad game of high-stakes poker with a horrible hand and you’re refusing to fold your cards, which with your strategy is ruining the wellbeing of your party and your country. This makes me believe that you aren’t doing this for your country, but you are doing this for yourself.

That may not be the case, but if your campaign continues to seek in turning the voters and the media away from the issues, and your party away from a likely victory in November, and your campaign continues to focus on bad choices of words and who Obama’s pastor apparently is in order to make your opponent (who you are “honored” to be running with) seem like a confusing choice to more and more voters, then you Senator, will be responsible for your party’s latest failure, and a likely continuation of the Bush-style era and Republican rule.

There are people on my campus at Rutgers and all around this country who have never been interested in politics until this election and until Senator Obama’s campaign. They have never really had much faith in politics nor their potential as citizens until now and Senator Obama’s campaign. There are actually some Republicans that are fed up with their party’s radicalism in the last few years and can see a President Obama that would unify this country again, make us respected around the world again, and inspire a whole new generation of people to actually care about government again (as John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King Jr. did for your generation).

Senator Obama’s campaign is inspiring the next generation in believing in government and calling themselves the future face of the Democratic Party. These will be the people who are going to face (and are in the position to positively affect) the likely end of oil, the repercussions of the climate crisis, the clean water and food shortages, and the future global economic hardships.

We have already wasted 8 long, important years and have made matters worse with the Bush Administration. Cold water shouldn’t be thrown on the inspired and they shouldn’t be shunned from a system now that will rely on them in the future. Please don’t be the one to do this, because staying in this race and allowing your “politics as usual” “kitchen sink strategy” will only certify a McCain’s presidency, ruin the Democratic party, and demoralized the inspired and kill a movement with incredible potential I don’t think you realize.

Alex Holodak


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