Solar Panels and our Public Schools

The time is now for the American people to push for green technology in our local school systems. The average budget in New Jersey is around $2 million dollars a year for electricity. If the Federal, State, and Local government spent money lining our school buildings with solar panels we would quickly eliminate our electricity costs.

Many electricity providers will allow extra electricity generated to be put back into their grid, thus alleviating the strain on our power systems. The electricity put back into the grid can be sold back to the electricity companies. In other words, with the growing efficiency of solar panel technology our school budgets could have a negative electricity bill if enough gets generated.

WalMart is now putting solar panels on their buildings to eliminate costs.

Everyone is upset about their property taxes due to their school budgets growing increasingly every year. This is a smart way to better our country, save money, and get off of oil sooner.


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